For those who are not familiar with the history of the devotion to
our Blessed Mother, under the title of "Our Lady of Victory",
we print a brief synopsis of the origin.

This title has not only been earned through her intervention in military
strifes throughout the ages but also in countless other ways in which she
saved her faithful servants. Perhaps the most outstanding intervention
was that in the victory over the Turks in the naval battle of Lepanto in
the year of 1571. The city of Constantinople had been under almost
constant siege for over 500 years. As a result of this victory Pope Pius V
ordered that October 7, the day of the great battle at Lepanto, be made the
Feast of Our Lady of Victory.

The practice of seeking Mary's intervention under the title of Our Lady of
Victory is so ancient and widespread that it is impossible to trace it to its
true origin as it would arise whenever and wherever the need was felt.
Many shrines throughout the world have been dedicated to Our Lady of Victory.
Among them are: Our Lady of Victories in Paris (this Shrine has been associated
with the devotion of the Miraculous Medal), the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory in
Prague (this Shrine is the home of the Statue of the Infant of Prague), and also
the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory in Lackawanna, New York (home of the
many Father Baker charities). It is after this last mentioned Shrine, Our Lady of
Victory in Lackawanna, N.Y., that our parish received its name.

Our Lady of Victory Catholic Parish - Andover, Ohio